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Preparing Your Home for Sale: A Checklist for Homeowners.

Selling your home is a significant decision, and preparing your property for the market is key to ensuring a smooth and successful sale. Here’s a comprehensive checklist for Irish homeowners, including how Property Partners Phelan Herterich can assist you in showcasing your property at its best.

1. Get Your House Valued

Before listing your property, it’s crucial to understand its market value. A professional valuation provides you with a realistic selling price, ensuring you enter the market with competitive and fair pricing. Property Partners Phelan Herterich, known for their accurate and trustworthy valuations, can help you set the right price from the start.

2. Obtain a BER Certificate

A Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate is mandatory in Ireland when selling your home. This certificate rates your home’s energy efficiency and is a key factor for many buyers. Getting your property rated not only fulfills legal requirements but can also highlight energy-saving features that appeal to potential buyers.

3. Release the Deeds

If your property is mortgaged, you’ll need to arrange with your bank to release the deeds for the sale process. This step is crucial for the legal transfer of ownership and should be initiated early to avoid delays.

4. Get Your Property Ready

First impressions count. Ensuring your home looks its best can significantly impact its saleability. Consider minor repairs, decluttering, and a fresh coat of paint to enhance appeal. A well-presented home not only attracts more viewers but can also increase the property’s value.

5. Professional Photos, Floorplan, and Bespoke Brochure

High-quality photographs, a detailed floorplan, and a bespoke property brochure are essential tools in marketing your home effectively. Property Partners Phelan Herterich excels in creating compelling marketing materials. Their professional photography and custom brochures highlight the best aspects of your property, ensuring it stands out in the market.


Selling your home involves careful preparation to ensure it’s presented in the best light. From getting a professional valuation to preparing bespoke marketing materials, each step is crucial. With Property Partners Phelan Herterich by your side, you benefit from expert advice and professional services that highlight the unique qualities of your home, making the selling process as smooth and successful as possible.

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